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I'm new to this, please be gentle

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Greetings all. I've always liked hardware/circuit boards but never new "what made what do what".

I you('s) could please post your favourite webpage/site concerning the components (pictures/desricptions) on the various parts that make up a circuit.

I'd look myself, but all "my" searches come back with business sites or outdated/or "over-detailed" obscurities.

Happy belated New Years :D


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i see a picture of an awfully young boy on the cover of that book.... is it that elementary? or did they use a bad picture?

has anyone used these books? there isn't a very good explanation besides "basic electronics".



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go to radio shack and buy a kit ...just get a small one build your own project and just make sure you under stand as you put stuuf together....................i discovered the more you read....leads to more reading leads to more reading..........start with something using millivolts............dont buy a 3 phase project from the swap meet.........


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well, i think that the best wy to start with electronics is to buy those type of kits wich have a number of parts and u build a number of circuits with them and some are with no soldering......but it MUST have a well explained book, so you can understand the basisc...and then u can start buying books and understanding exactly how it works with calculations and other things
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