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i'm new ....can u help me

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Hiii all,
i'm new new in electronics filed and i hope you can help me to make a good experience in this flied.
i want to good, fun , and easy circutes to do it by myself ....
and more sites to learn from it
can u help me???
i hope.....bye


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electronic projects

try to look in the 'Electronic Projects' section of this site. (main page, maybe half way down) i think there are simple ones in there.


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If you want the advice of a fellow newbie, stick to the internet. or get a RECENT book of projects...

One classic text is Forest M Mimms III Getting Started In Electronics, and I found it quite helpful learning wise, but a big frustration to go to the local shop with a list of parts that are no longer easy to get.

I like audio stuff, and robotics, so I am biased, but, just think of something you want to build, and search for a circuit in google. Oscillators are always fun because they make noises and are easy.. There are a thousand ways to make them it seems. Its probably cheating and Im not learning as much as I should, but, the 555 timer, a little 8pin Integrated Circuit Im sure you are aware of, is making me happy.. with just one of those and some resistors and capacitors you can make an awful lot of stuff it seems.


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Thanks alot

thanks friends for this advise and i will take this advise ....
i hope i willbe good electronics and have enought background in my flied


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Hey, newbie here too. My advice to you is get a good book or a really good site. When you build circuits, always a good idea to learn what is the function of the parts as you are making the circuit. If you want some basic circuits and very useful ones. You can send me an email or PM.

Good Luck :)
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