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Hello people!
I am working on a topology that requires 10A as drain current and 800V as blocking voltage. Also, I want switching frequency to be 175KHz. Is there any IGBT or MOSFET available? Please help me guys. I am a newbie.... Thanking in anticipation.
Edit1- I found DMOS to be helpful.
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You should have no issues finding 800V, 900V or even higher voltage mosfets and IGBTs. However at 175kHz I think the mosfet will win in efficiency, but you can do the calculations and see what switching losses and conduction losses you get.


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Is there any IGBT or MOSFET available?
There are many companies that sale parts. Go to one and use their search engine.
If that address does not work then:
Enter "mosfet"
Choose discreet part.
I click on "active" parts and "in stock"
There is a window for voltage I set to 800 to 1000 volts and in another window 10A to 20A.
Next you can pick what case size or other things.

Mouser.com is also good.

This is a good way to search for parts. You can see the price. You can see how many parts are available.
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