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Identifying circuit board part

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James Lundmark

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Trying to repair a board for an irrigation controller. This part has no id i can see. It is cylindrical, silver 5.8mm x 1.7mm dia., pin type. The board has Y2 . Anyway to id from this info. May be a crystal or oscillator. Thanks


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A picture of the device would help us instead of guessing what you want to identify.
Based on the part designator 'Y2', that nomenclature usually always refers to a crystal which is part of a crystal oscillator circuit. Are there any numbers printed on the part at all ?


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I concur with MG Cooper above. No picture but a small silver cylinder marked Y2 is probably a timing crystal for the sprinkler. 32.768 kHz is quite common, but it can be other frequencies. If the sprinkler is controlled by "atomic time" (i.e., WWVB in the US), then it might be 60 kHz.

EDIT: Just noticed the TS post date. Problem has hopefully been solved by now. In any event, in my part of the world, we have stopped watering our yards until the Spring.
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