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Identify this capacitor

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What circuit is it from?

A polyester film cap would likely work ok as a replacement.


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Yeah I forgot to mention that, sorry. It's from an 1967 AM radio from my car. The radio powers up and I hear static, but can not pull in any signal. So I thought I would start by replacing all of the electrolytic capacitors, and since I was placing an order I thought I would include this one as well...


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0.015uF at 75v? So thats 15nF at 75V+. Perhaps the only difficult part would be finding one that fits neatly in the PCB, and perhaps in the enclosure. Not suggesting replacements would be bigger, but its always nice to get one thats a *phyiscal match* as well as electrical.

I'm pretty sure even a ceramic would work, but less than ideal. Its from a radio, but given the 15nF value, I'm not confident its used in tuning so perhaps its type is non-critical. a WIMA at 100V would do just fine I reckon.
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