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ICSP toasting PIC

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Here is a brief run down of my problem:

I have been using an ICD-2 to In-circuit-serial-program a 18f4620. I have attached a cutout of the relevant part of the circuit.

The target circuit is powered from its own supply, therefore the ICD-2 is simply powered from the USB port (no DC power supply connected). In MPLAB, the setting to power the target from the ICD-2 has been disabled.

Now the problem I am having is that somehow, every now and then (with no particular change in procedure) the PIC gets completely destroyed when I try and program it. I start with power to the target board turned on, then plug in the ICD-2 ICSP connector onto the board, then try and connect to the ICD-2 in MPLAB, only to get the response "ICDWarn0020: Invalid target device id (expected=0x60, read=0x0)", ie the PIC is not responding.

Usually this procedure works and I can happily program the PIC, but on a fairly regular basis I end up with a non-responsive pic which has to be replaced. By non-responsive I mean it does nothing, starts up but you can't talk to it on rs-232, can't talk to it with the ICD2 in ICSP mode, does not respond to stimili on the ports, nothing.

I cannot see any obvious way in which the pic can be damaged in this circuit. Could anyone please give their opinion/advice if they have had a similar problem?

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Have you tried removing the 'dead' PIC from the circuit and connecting to it out of circuit so the ICD is supplying power and signals and there is nothing else attached?
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