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IC compatible

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More Info ...

What are you asking?
Are you wanting to drive a transistor from an IC output?
maybe a transistor will drive an IC input?

What is the IC :?:
What will the transistor be expected to drive (and from what signal)
It is often a great help to attach a circuit diagram (or the bit in question).


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May be he is taking about Ic (Collector Current)


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I have used the tranistor BC549 sl100, but had burnt !

I do not find the BC549 etc., so I ask you who have to ?

I have no any data sheet. do you recommend where can find?


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I often go to the electronic shop to the transistor. I sometimes do not find the suitable tranistor. the shopper tell me to look into the book . I do't know which the electronic book to find the replacement.

Can you teach me. which electronic directory?
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