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I_rms of input capacitor to buck controller. What is it?

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Hello there,

The MAX8792 datasheet (http://www.electro-tech-online.com/custompdfs/2012/01/MAX8792-1.pdf) depict a C[SUB]in[/SUB]. It is placed on the input to the high-side switching MOSFET and the T[SUB]on[/SUB]-pin.

The datasheet says:

The input capacitor must meet the ripple current requirement (I[SUB]RMS[/SUB]) imposed by the switching currents. The I[SUB]RMS[/SUB] requirements may be determined by the following equation:

[LATEX]I_R_M_S = (\frac{I_L_O_A_D}{V_I_N})\sqrt{V_o_u_t(V_i_n-V_o_u_t)}[/LATEX]
In layman's terms, what is the I[SUB]RMS[/SUB] referred to here? Is this the ripple current rating the capacitor must have for longlivity? Is this some kind of current requirement to for proper output current capability?

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The capacitor you buy to use with your circuit must have a rating at least equal to the max ripple current requirement or else it will heat up too much and possibly blow out much too soon.
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