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I want to make a remote controlled toy car

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dear friends,
i am an IT student and i want to make a remote controlled toy car. can u tell me how to build a remote. i want to control the rear two wheels using a gear motor. and conrol the front two wheels for turning using a stepper motor. how to go abt this? and also i want to control using a wireless remote control. can u suggest me on this? pls help me out guys. where can i get circuits?


I trying to do the same thing your doing. The only difference is that I am building a tank (like a military tank).

I think this is better because you don't have to deal with the steering mechanisms that you would have building a conventional car. If your gonna build the circuitry from scratch, I gaurantee your gonna need to be able to program your own custom PIC's!!!

note:you should post these questions in the robotics section.

Nigel Goodwin

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A stepper motor isn't a good choice, use a simple remote control servo, it's small, cheap, light, powerful, and designed for that exact purpose. For that matter, why not simply use a complete remote control system as used in RC cars?.
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