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i want to know all about smartcards, ?

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hello ;
i really don't know what the true name of them are , but i think they are smartcards .
as i know , they have small microcontroller and eeprom that can be programmed . i want to know how to program them and details about them .
thank you .


Do a search on Google for ISO7816 smartcards, there's loads of info...

My experience with them comes from pay-tv........of which I'll say no more!( Any one know of the D2MAC days ?).....

To program them requires a special programmer, this depends on the type of smartcards used or rather the processor used...

Eeprom memory varies from a meagre 24C16 up to 24C256...processors vary too from simple pics like the 16F84 to Atmel based AT89 series..

Have a look at www.prog-tech.co.uk and look at the programmers section...

Have fun 8)
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