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I need assistance to build a "CounterStrike like"

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I need something to play a game with some friends and some Paint Ball guns.
The circuit I need work like the bomb in (Half-Life) CounterStrike.

I must push a switch to ACTIVATE the fake bomb

Activate = 3 red LED (in line) flashing 1 sec On / 2 sec OFF + Buzzer beeping when the LEDs is ON.
After 35 seconds without Desactivation the 3 LEDs + Buzzer stay ON 5 seconds (the bomb explosed)
And all the system must be ready to play another round

to Desactivate =

I must push 1 or 2 switch to desactivate the 35 seconds timer
If I push 1 switch, I need to push it 10 seconds to Desativate
If I push 2 switch, I need to push it only 5 seconds to Desactivate

If I release the switch before Desactivation I must do it again.
(I mean if I pushed 3 seconds and released it, I must push it again 10 seconds
or 5 seconds to desactivate the timer).

When the system is desactivated the LEDs + Buzzer goes OFF and the system is ready to play another round.

If someone could draw the circuit shematic and send it to my e-mail adress:

[email protected]

I know that I must use some 555 timer and Logic door AND/OR but my electronics notions is too far away ( I took an electronic course 10 years ago and never touched a circuit since) ;-(

So I know I can put solder and build the board put Im not able to do the shematics.

Thanks a lot

Not open for further replies.

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