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HT12A IR to RF

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I have bought some Remote encoder IC’s – HT12A. It’s designed to be used for infrared as it produces a 38kHz carrier. I have successfully paired it up to its receiver (Decoder) HT12D.

They also sell the HT12E (which I did not buy) that is meant for RF. It pairs up to the same Decoder, the HT12D.

What I would like to know is if I can get my HT12A to transmit using RF instead of IR.

I have bought this radio transmitter/receiver:
RF Radio Wireless Data Transmitter Receiver Module NEW on eBay (end time 21-Aug-09 22:09:51 BST)

A typical set up for the HT12A is:
How To Build The Fire-Stick Infrared Remote Control System Part 1

What if I don’t connect the resonator – will that get rid of the carrier wave? And hook the RF input to the DOUT of the IC? Will that work or I cant use this IC for RF?


santosh gairhe

New Member
plz help me.....

I hab successfully connected Ht-12E to circut and its working well.. but the problem is Ht-12D is not working well.. I'm confused about the particulat resistor oscillator to be connected..
can any one help me .....by providing the circuit diagram of receiver.....

santosh gairhe

New Member
Thank you so much for replying me very soon......

For HT12A i have used crystal oscillator of 455KHZ and at the receiving side for Ht12D i have used Rosc of 33K resistor... is it ok? I found this in the Reynold website..

But In the data sheet of HT12D it is given Rosc of 51K...

I'm working with the operating voltage VDD of 5V..
please tell me with the fosce of 455KHZ for Ht12A what must be the Rosc for Ht12D

I'll be very thank full if u reply me soon


New Member
See, there is a equation for deciding value of frequency of encoder and decoder.
Fdec= 1/3 Fenc.
So your decoder frequency would turn out=455/3=151Khz, so you have to see in the graph...which shows 51K...

So try this and tell me..
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