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How to up voltag 54.6v 8A to 60v ?


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A capacitor labeled 63V means the capacitor can handle up to 63V. It doesn't mean that point in the circuit has 63V that you can access.

If you want to upgrade your bike to 60V, you need to upgrade your system to 60V which includes charger and controller. You may notice your 60v controller getting hotter at 60v and it may not last long. If you are buying a good quality 60v battery, spring for the 60v charger instead of risking that you burn down your house with a DIY hack. A 60v lithium battery rated at, let's say, 20AH is quite a power pack and can be a challenge to extinguish in an open field. You don't want that lighting up in your apartment because you hacked your charger and it is no longer telling itself to shutdown because of a fault in the system.


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Hi Gophert, and thank you for your help and time,
for controller max 63v min 40v, to can accept 60v,
for battery i have bms 15s 30A, so i need just to now exact how to calcul resistance to get 60v.

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