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How To Teach The Mcu ?/

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yeah ! I have a mcu at89s52; 8 transistors A1013; and a few relay, one old tv remote-controler, a IR....

so, I want it do by that's way when press key 1 on the remote so relay 1 on, press key 2 on the remote relay 2 on ..etc..

I think we can teach mcu at89s52 relize.. the signal controlling from the remote .. so this problem that we have save some singal parten (as ID ) so when mcu catch a signal from remote ..then It wil compare between this singal and some signal partens (ID) that's we save before so if result is equal so Mcu wil on posible transistor to start relay works./

please give me some your good ideal.... ,, to advance this project..thanks.. have a good day !
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