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How to See or get Job in abroad.

I'm curious what's going on with this person (Ritesh) he seems like he is smart in some ways but not others. I assume there is something about his situation I don't understand. Is there a limit on your internet that keeps you from using google? Or is it that most answers on the internet are in english and you have trouble with English? I'm not making fun of you, it's an honest question.

I have a lot of very basic questions in my work, one can't know everything. For example I use C++ very often, but just earlier today I needed to edit some Python, which I am not very familiar with. I just needed it to write some numbers to a CSV file so I could graph them. I didn't go to a Python forum and ask how to do this, because it's so common and basic. First I did a Google search for "python write text file", looked at some examples and got it to write a text file, then I searched for formatting characters and added them as needed to make it work as a CSV. If I hadn't known that a CSV is just written as a text file I would have searched for "CSV file type" or "CSV file format" and read what I found until I had a clue. I do this with electronics, programming, even financial stuff.

Once you know enough that the basics you can find by searching are not enough, then you can ask a well informed question that people will actually find worth answering. For example no one wants to answer "How do I drive a brushless motor" that's a lazy question, ask google and get the basics, however "I tried to drive a brushless motor using these MOSFETs and these sensors. Here's my code. but for some reason it just vibrates and doesn't move" is a fair question, you gave it a try and got stuck.

Reading pages and pages of stuff to find one answer may sound laborious, but I find that I gain a lot of background knowledge that way. You don't know what you don't know, as they say, so this can really build up your general understanding of a topic with answers to things you didn't even know to ask.

Just my opinion on your general approach here.

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