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How to offset the voltage of a load cell

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Hello everyone,

I'm building a circuit to amplify the output value of a load cell with an OpAmp (the AD623). For my application I need to offset the voltage though:
When the amplified cell value would be -2.5V V I want it to be 0V, when it's 0V I want it to be 2.5V and when it's +2.5V I want it to be 5V. So, basically, I need a +2.5V offset applied on the output voltage of the OpAmp since I'll have to feed it to an arduino board (arduino can't read negative voltages).

My question is, how do I obtain this offset in parctice?

Hopefully, I made myself clear.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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you Can apply 0 and 5 Volts to your load cell as an alternative to +/-2.5 if practical. If not, you can use an op amp, or ideally, an instrumentation amp with a 2.5v bias on the -input


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Look at page 18 of the AD623 data sheet, the section about REFERENCE TERMINAL
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