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How to measure energy delivered over 48 hours with power meter?

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We need to monitor the power consumption of a <50W mains connected product over 48 hours using our Hameg 8115-2 Power Meter. We wish to know the total energy consumed over 48 hours. Page 38 of the User Manual (below) says that there is software for doing this, but we cannot find how to download it. Do you know where we can get this software?

We tried Rohde & Schwarz website but they don’t have it.

Hameg 8115-2 User Manual:


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Thanks, thats it.
I noted that this video at 21:41 shows this software capturing power readings every 1 second.
We actually want to take a power reading every 1 second for 48 hours and store these in an excel document. (so we can calculate overall energy and thence calculate average power over 48 hours)
Do you think this will be possible?
Do we need to use a Terminal program to receive the data from the Hameg 8115-2?...eg realterm or hyperterm?
Also, since the HM8115-2 only has a Dsub9 connector at the back, i presume we will need a Dsub9 to USB converter/adapter so we can connect it up to our PC?


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Use one of these
or a kWh meter
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