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How to make a standard Xbee module to talk with an ATMEL bitcloud programmed 128 RFA1

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Hi I have a DIGI made Xbee XB24-ZB module and an ATMEL made 128RFA1 module with me. Atmel claims that the xbee can be made to talk with the bitcloud programmed module.

Steps done so far.
  1. downloaded bit cloud
  2. programmed the WSN demo (coordinator) to the RFA1
  3. scanned with a packet analyzer from TI and got some packets.
  4. programmed an xbee with the same extended PAN ID as the RFA1
there was no response from the xbee module. I can talk with other XBEEs with the same PAN ID ,but not with RFA1. what might be the issue?
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