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How to highlight nets and remove/add layers in Altium Free viewer? (


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How to highlight nets and quickly remove/add layers in Altium free viewer?...in PCB.

At the moment i have to remove/add layers by a number of clicks for each layer.....is there not a table you can get which shows all the layers,
then you can quickly uncheck/check a box to remove/add that layer?

Also, i have the PCB panel open, and i am clicking on the net name, but it is not highlighting it in the PCB. Please advise?

Also, the Altium free viewer constantly hangs and “blue circles” when running on my Acer aspire 3 laptop. I am using windows 10.
The Altium website does not say what is the system requirements for the free viewer. Do you know what it is?
(the full blown purchased Altium designer needs an intel i5 processor or equivalent, which goes up to 4.2GHz…….my Acer aspire 3 laptop only goes up to 3.2GHz….could this be the problem?)
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