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How to Create Pulsed DC output from continuous DC inputs (30-60V)

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Hi All,
Can Anyone suggest a circuitry to Create Pulsed DC output from continuous DC inputs (30-60V)

Ex., when 60V is given output of the circuit should be 60V for 1sec and 0V for 10secs, again 60V for 1secs.

Circuit should be able to provide atleast 1A current.

It would be helpful if someone give me just an idea on how to acheive this. Thanks in advance.


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To use the above oscillator you will need a low voltage supply, which you can either derive from the 30-60 rail or supply some other way.

You can always just use a transistor multivibrator; have a look at the attached schematic and timing diagram.

You will note that the transistors are labelled 2n2222 & 2n3906; you will have to use transistors that can operator at 60V, e.g. 2n2222 --> bc546, 2n3906 --> bc556. Q6 will have to be 1A capable (higher current capability recommended), e.g. maybe TIP111.


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