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How to connect this multi-usb module to my voltage regulator


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Hey guys, I don't know electronics stuff like this but this is our school project. I don't which part on the usb module to connect my regulator. I hope you will me. I badly need it.IMG_20201130_194210.jpg



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The top connecto on the USB board is the input.
The left of the four pins (as it is in the photo) is the +5V one, the right of the four is the 0V side. The middle two are the computer data connections.

If you are trying to make a multi-way charger, I do not know how well that will work.

It looks like a USB switch module, intended to run from a normal USB socket on a computer. Those are only rated at half an amp (500mA) so that, or not much more, could be all you draw from the other sockets in total.

There is also a possibility that it will not do anything at all, depending on if the switch IC on it includes individual power monitoring and control; it may not provide any power without a computer feeding it.

All you can do is try it and see what happens.

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