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How to connect 16f877a?? HELP

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I have this chip but i dont know hoy to make work! please help me to [email protected]

I have 1 oscilator (4 mhz)
2x 33 condensators
470 resistance
1 led

i want to light a led connected in port b with the blink.bas example program

I have followed the 16f877 connections but my chip doesn't work, maybe i burned it, i can check it? or oscilator? how?

help me to start in pic programming world, thanks

sorry my english :D


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:!: Something to think about and check:

  • What compiler do you have? PBP?
    What programmer do you have?
    Are you sure the programmer works?
    Are you giving 5V to the PIC?
    Do you have the MCLR pin pull high with a 4.7K Resistance?
    Is your ground connectin OK?
    With an osciloscope, can you see a perfect sine wave on the OSC2 pin?
    How do you have your PIC connected overall?
    What is your program like?


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My first attempt with pics was to buy the "Pic Microcontroller Project Book" by John Iovine. It goes thru everything Ivancho is suggesting, step by step.
I think it's a great way to get started and keeps the frustration level low.


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I have the PIC BASIC PRO Compiler, the oscilator, the 4.7K resistance and 2 condensators (33F), and 5v but i am beginning in pic world, i dont know how to connect the pins. Any have a diagram, or can especify the pin number = connection.

Ground is (-) ?, directly connected to 5v source?

the oscilator need 2 condensators to work?

the MCLR pin, really needs to be connected?

i can directly connect a led in the PORTB0 pin, and to (-) in the source or needs another component to blink with the classic BLINK.BAS example?

how to connect the oscilator to osciloscope to test?

how i can test if the condensator is ok? with a multitester?

please helpme :oops:


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Is your PIC a 16F877-04?

:arrow: This diagram is of a 16F84 just match the pins names to the pins on your PIC. Make sure you get a data sheet on your pic.

PIC16F877 Data SHeet

Connect something like this:

And LED ALWAYS needs a resistance to limit the current if you are supplying a voltage greater than their forward voltage

And by the way some corrections: :oops:
Condensators -----> Capacitors

:!: Once you have it connected you have to program it.... what programmer are you using?

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