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How LED blink

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Hi pls can anyone explain to me the device that makes a LED to blink in a circuit and how it does that


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Really depends on the circuit but for all practical simple purposes it turns the LED on and off. That can be done several ways. Pulses from a clock or other source is one method. The LED can be turned on and off for equal periods or on a short time and off longer time. Your question is a little open ended with several answers.



You can buy blinking LEDs so a circuit is not normally needed unless it's purely for educational purposes.


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LEDs can be made to blink by applying a low frequency square wave to its terminals. You can use 555 timer IC to make LEDs blink or stuffs like that >_>
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Or build a simple flip flop circuit with 2 transistors, 2 capacitors 4 resistors and one or two led's to suit the purpose.
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