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How can i connect my mobile to a pcmcia modem?

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Please forgive the (albeit) primitive question, but is it possible to connect my mobile (n6230i) to my pcmcia modem? That is to say when my modem dials out can i use my mobile as the phone line? Any help would be grateful...? I am a PC Engineer and know a bit about electronics so can make my own cables if that helps...?


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See if there is a data cable (serial or USB) for your phone. Not sure on Nokia, but I have used a lot of motorola phone as a wireles modems via a data cables. Sprint as well. Have not tried my Treo 650 yet.

Be aware, some providers block it, Nextel in the beginning ignored it and it was free (not sure now) and some charge you your cell phone rate like it is a call.
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