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How can I check if my PIC is burnt?

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Hello guys

Today I got my first PIC16F84A and built a programmer. It was the NOPPP, which you can see here:
The problem is that after checking and rechecking the circuit that I have built, my PIC don't seem to work. The voltage tests that I did with the software that comes with NOPPP works, I get the voltages that I should get. So, I came up with the conclusion that my PIC might be burnt, after bad-handling it. How can I check this??

Thanks a lot


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The only way to check a pic i can think of is to measure all the port pins and MCLR to see they aren't shorted out with VDD or VCC.

But even a defective pic may not be shorted out.
Another way is to find someone with a working programmer and try to upload a program.

You could also try making a decent programmer, Tait or P16pro40 style. I don't really believe in these no parts programmers
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