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Hitachi HD44780 and the pic

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O.k this is what i have 1) pic 16f84
2) Hitachi HD44780 -- 16*2
3) mpasm
4) noparts programmer --made me-self.

O.k this is what i need a program that displays " nothing better to do "

any help gladly app. oh and dont sent on wild goose chases -- being there and got the t shirt to prove it. code, diagrams, very large reward offered.

so come on you electronic pic freaks and give me a hand .


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I am not so sure that you have research much...... I wanna see that T-shirt :wink: ..... There is plenty of info about that on the web. Google returns all you need in a search for "LCD PIC routine asm"

Not to mention Microchip pages show some application notes.

Some points to looks for:
* Know how the LCD works
* How to send commands
* How to send characters
* ASCII table

If you had PICBASIC PRO it would be as easy as :

LCDOUT $FE, 1, “nothing better to do ”

Good Luck

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