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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

High Speed Internet Splitting?

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I've been reading up on a few articles on the internet that say you can split high speed internet into basic cable TV.

My question is, is if it is really possible to split cable internet somehow with a cable splitter in a way that it would capture all the fequencies of basic cable TV so that it can be plugged in directly into the Televison?

If so would anyone know what parts I would need to buy in order to do this, and also how I would be able to do it without messing around with the wireing in my house?

I don't think a public forum is the best place to ask how to steal cable TV!.

Obviously, the only possibility is if your internet connection is through a cable company - any other method wouldn't possibly have cable signals there.
Just get a quality splitter and plug it into your TV to see if it works. The cable company can block the channels with a filter if they don't want you to have them. I don't know the laws regarding it, but if you ask me I'd say its their responsibility to block what they don't want you to have. If they're giving you the signal, use it.

A co-worker called his cable company and said, "I have your internet servcie, but no cable service. I've been getting cable for the last year or so, is that right?"

They said, no, and put a filter on his line. He wishes he never called.

I pay for my cable though, whether or not I'd have it free.
They've actually been auditing the lines here in Arizona. They gave the general public a general warning (As an amnesty) that they were going to start auditing the lines to see if cable was being stolen, and fully prosecute anyone who was stealing cable. Anyone who came forward and told them that they were stealing cable, would be held blameless, and would be assisted free of charge to make sure they were setup legally.

The point? People here in Arizona have been prosecuted for stealing cable. Coming to a neighborhood near you!
I don't think he is asking about stealing cable, but rather using the same cable line for both his internet and TV.

If this is what you are asking, yes, both signals are on the same line. My wife and I subscribe to Basic Cable, and Cable internet. We don't need two cable lines from it, instead, the cable line is split at the wall (we actually got the panel installed for free from the company, but installing it yourself would be easy too), and one end of the split goes to the TV, the other to our cable modem.

So yes it is possible. If you are looking to just send the cable to another set which is not in reach of a wall jack, you can also buy low power transmitters to send the signal over RF, your local electronics store should carry these, but they are not worth the cost.

Hey i couldn't help but read what your trying to do, and well I work for the local cable company. Anyway, if I understand what your trying to do, is use a splitter to bring cable tv signals. If so you can use a splitter to split the internet signal you will get tv channels only if their are no filters on the line. For analogue signals we still use filters to isolate certain channels. However for internet only hookups (No Cable requested), all the channels are blocked by a filter, except the internet channel. But if you have requested cable channels tiers and are getting them on other tv's, you can split the signal your internet connection with a two-way splitter and get tv channels. However please note that your taking signal away from the internet connection can cause problems with your internet and I'm not responsible. Because if properly done your internet signal should be isolated from the rest of you tv signals, unless you live in an apartment (whole different setup). I hope this helps to understand what's going on. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
cableguy response

Thank you so much David, that helped out a lot. I wasn't really sure that It can be done, but according to what you said it can.

However there are a few problems that I have. My first problem is that I currently live in an apartment complex and I'm not really sure what the setup is around here. Secondly, I only subscribed to cable internet and nothing more, and if I understand you correctly then that means there is absolutely no way I can get cable TV out of it; even if I found a way to build something to get rid of the filter.

Ah who am I kidding. I really can't do much with what I have huh?

Anyway, thanks for all the information and if you can think of ideas on what I can do with my current setup. Please respond back to me and if all possible, point me in the right direction.

Thanks again. :D
Cableguy, nothing is impossible!

Just as a side note, when I was in college, my prof in electrical engineering told us how to circumvent the filter, we tryed it out and it kinda worked. And in my experience working as a service tech I've seen some interesting ways that people have bypassed the filter. One hint I'll give is buy an oscilloscope. However note that it would be cheaper and less hasle to just get cable. Otherwise good luck.
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