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HF transfomer

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Can I apply signal in image for input of HF transformer?Does it work?

Yes but, assume you have a 1:1 winding transformer, the output will look the same but the numbers on the left will be different. Right now, my eye says the signal is about 67V and with an AC component of about +/-4V. The transformer secondary will be centered on 0V with +/-4v out (depending on load and assuming 1:1 turns ratio on transformer).

Also, the core size and materials must be appropriate for the frequency and load (current)


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I wonder if the OP put any thought into this before posting.

No label on the X-axis to give indication of scale/frequency, no indication of whether its always got that DC bias, no info on what kind of HF transformer, no extra info in terms of your desired application....in general, just not enough info at all.


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The OP likely doesn't know what he/she doesn't know.


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This signal is output of buck converter which has 50 kHz switching frequency. I wonder that when it applied input of having 50 kHz switching frequency HF transfomer, does it work?

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