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Helping Others - and Themselves

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Where am I complaining?

I have advised imgemini as to the purpose of his finals project and part of what he needs to do. How can that be construed as a complaint?

Your parents split up so you had a tough time. That happens to millions of children and most end up stronger, physically AND mentally, than those with both parents at home. You got through it - well done. I was lucky. My father worked on building aircraft control panels then went to work on laser development for Ferranti Limited and other classified (but low paid) work. This kept him away from home for approx 10 months per year. When he came home he needed to relax - not have 3 kids beating homework round his head. We all have problems. Some are more obvious than others. I lost count of the number of times I pushed a mop across a factory floor to earn money at weekends to enable my continued education.

It is not wrong to help others. Some may need more assistance initially to set off and not only then but generally in life.
You're right, one of the best feelings in life is when you have been able to help someone and, as a result, made a beneficial difference. Some do need more help and should be nurtured.

Where do you draw the line when helping students? Do you give them all the answers and draw all the diagrams or do you try to get the student to use his/her own brain and all the available tools. As this was for a finals project I thought (dangerous eh?) that imgemini might have been a bit overwhelmed and needed a kickstart. He was given this in the form of an I-Q modulator idea. His response to this was...
well i m in Bsc final of telecomm can u plz send me information about I-Q modulator as soon as possible ..........plz or any other idea or site wheer i can find project,s
This response indicates, to me at least, a highly intelligent person who is too lazy. You may now begin to understand why I made my previous posting.

Bad attitude towards a person. No. Just trying to get people to think for themselves. Most people know more than I do so I can take the opportunity to learn from anyone and imgemini will be as welcome as anyone to contribute to the forum. My knowledge of telecomms is.. lift the handset and dial... so imgemini can teach me a lot.

The forum is hobby - and fun - related. Anyone who wants advanced engineering might be better going to a specialist board. If anyone wishes to use the board to develop a commercial application then it might be appropriate for them to make a charitable donation in lieu of fees they would have paid and to make it known, with the product, that electro-tech-online.com assisted in development.

I hope that this has answered your post but, if not please reply.

All the above are MY thoughts on the matter. No one else can be held responsible.


Thanks. It was at the end of a long day when I made the post and you put it a lot more diplomatic.

Why do I try to get people to think for themselves?

Easy. My wife and I own our company and employ a small group of highly intelligent, very able, imaginative insolent people who are able to work without supervision. They are a joy to work with.


Pilot I take my hat off to you!!
You have spoken out against a minority of people who in my opinion are quite happy to feed off others.

The internet is a very useful tool interms of information, it can be helpful in many ways, if only people would use it so..

I moderate on a number of boards in the electronics section, and of recent times am finding more and more people are asking me via pm for help advice et-al rather than using the forum. I find this sort of approach irritating to say the least, because for one, I would feel ignorant if I did not reply and secondly, there is the possibilty that some one may be able to come up with a better solution to a problem or answer to the question.

I'm only human as the rest of us, and have a finite amount of knowledge,I too rely on the support of fellow members of various forums.

Perhaps its the way society is these days, I dont know...

Just my thoughts, no offence intended


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hi sir
i understand what u mean but i m here to see what other people,s come up with any idea .......but freind let me tell u have so many idea,s to in my mind ....... like .......buliding wireless gateway with liunx
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