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Help with PIC programming.

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Maybe you guys can help me. I am looking for some ideas on how to program my PIC18f4455. I have the PIC hooked up via USB to the PC and I wanted to take an input from a keyboard specifally one key to work as an on/off switch for a relay. The relay would then read that the key was hit and turn on the output LED. Could you help me by outlining the process..... sort of like an overview approach on how the system should work.... or where I should even start....

Thanks for all your help.


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well, I dont know about USB, but I can tell you that to drive an LED with an 18F4455 you don't need a relay, for that matter, if its the most common type of LED, not a big or super bright one, then you dont even need a transistor, that chip can drive it directly.


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The commercial version of Swordfish BASIC has a USB module. If you don't know your way around C then this may be the easiest solution.
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