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Help with Ltspice - .Meas command

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Ofer Sharabi

New Member
Hello All,

I need to find the absolute maximum peak value (not peak to peak) .

It can be negative or positive.

Now I am using the command .meas var tran max v(var)

The command is working good but only for the positive side.

I can use the min function but it will give me only the negative side.

Is there a combination of 1 command that will give me the max of the max and the absolute of min ?

Please help



Super Moderator
LTSpice has an abs(x) function. Perhaps this is what you're looking for?


Example: If you're looking for the absolute max deviation from your x axis, set one variable to the max(y) value (positive side), set one variable to the min(y) value (negative side), use the abs() function on each one to get the absolute value of each one, and then compare the two results to see which one is higher.

I'm not expert in LTSpice, so I have no idea if this is useful at all.


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You'll have to be a little more specific than "it will not work".


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Try this: .meas var tran max(abs(v(var)))

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