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Help with first DIY Electronic house project


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Hello everybody, like stated in the title this is my first DIY project. To make a long story short, the rope that turned on the ceiling fan of the family's dinner room broke. My dad replace it with a button, but the problem is that I'm the only one in the house tall enough to actually reach it comfortably, hence whenever someone needs to turn on or off the fan they call me. I was hoping to find a simple way to automate the process. I was thinking on using an Arduino or something similar to remotly push on/off the button. Like I said it's my first project so I welcome suggestions and ideas to how to do it.


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I don't think that computing power will help you. You need some switching device capable of handling the power of a fan. The switching device needs to be connected between the mains and the fan. You need something to remember whether the switching device should be on or off, and someway of telling the item that remembers the state to change when required.

About the only part that an Arduino can help you with is the remembering whether it is on or off. It might be different if you want to turn on the fan at a certain time of day or at a certain temperature.

I would suggest you replace the switch and string.

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