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Help with CS5463 (event handler).

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I hope to find here users that are familiar with the CS family of Cirrus Logic.

My target is to have the CS5463 to create an event when the PFMON voltage falls below PMLO.
I took the next steps at the following order:

1. I initialized the CS5463.
2. I set (IMODE, IINV) to (1,1) to get High-pulse when an event occurs.
3. I cleared the Status Register bits by writing to it 0xFF-FF-FF.
4. I unmasked the LSD bit in Mask register by writing to Mask register 0x00-00-04.
5. I lowered the 5V supply to 4.1V.
6. I received an event from CS5463.
7. I raised the voltage back to 5V
8. I read the status register.
9. I wrote to the status register the read value (to clear the LSD bit).
10. I lower the 5V supply to 4.1V.
11. I didn’t receive anymore events from CS5463, even that the voltage at PFMON pin fell lower than PMLO.

Could you tell me please what is the problem in this process?

Thank you very much.

Not open for further replies.

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