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Help with Ceiling Fan Light Wiring


New Member
Hi there,
New to the forum and I hope that someone can help me. I have two outdoor ceiling fans with both fans controlled by one switch and both lights controlled by another switch. Both lights used to work but the light closer to the switch stopped working while the light further away still does (both fans still work). I eliminated the pull chain on both lights hoping that the pull switch on the near light was just bad and I have a switch anyway but this did not help. In the non functioning light, there is a white wire coming down from the fan and into the box for the light and a blue wire coming down and into the box. With power on, the white/blue Voltage is 120V but as soon as I hook it up to a bulb, it drops to roughly 20V and the bulb does not light. I have tried this with multiple bulbs. Would very much appreciate any guidance. Thanks, Jay


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Found this image on the web; what is shown red is probably blue in your fans, and should help. Make sure all yellow splices are firm :



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Hello there,
You can also try these steps to sort out issue with ceiling fan light wiring:
  1. Connect the green/copper wires together.
  2. Connect white wires together.
  3. Connect black wires together.
  4. Connect the lighting wire, typically blue, to the black fan wire and the black ceiling wire.
  5. Tuck the wires back into the box.
  6. Turn the power back on and test the fan
Hope it gives a clear idea and it helps you

Shivani Sharma


New Member
Hi there,
I appreciate your input. The issue was the Power/Wattage limiter. Once removed from the circuit, all was good.

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