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Help to identify unknown devices by photos

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The following are images of an electronic devices. I have not been able to identify its origin or purpose and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The device possibly has an attitude towards telephony or telecommunications. Thanks.



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The large chip (62256) is a 32k x 8 RAM that can be battery backed. Possibly to hold calibration values.



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Welcome to ETO, Uladzs!
... still this is a unknown and unidentified device ...
Well, since there appear to be connectors that, obviously, must attach to additional devices (Screen?, keyboard, etc.?), and no enclosure(s), quite possibly none of us have ever actually owned or worked on the device to be able to definitively identify it.

You might try using:
Search for images with reverse image search - Google Search Help
.com to see if google can find more info.
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