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Help to identify replacement components

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Hi all

Can anyone help me to identify suitable replacements for these components (film capacitor and relay). Im a bit of a novice so am struggling to fond a like for like replacement. They are from a mig welder that it not working. The capacitor has a crack in the side so Im wanting to replace it, and the relay had blackened the case, so want to replace that also and see how it goes. Thanks for any advice....



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Thanks for the reply.

Lead spacing on the cap is 22.5mm and physical size is 26.5mmx8.5mmx17.2mm (L/W/H)
Lead spacing (pitch) for the relay is 7mm and physical size is 28.5mmx12mmx25mm (L/W/H)


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Check this catalog for the Finder relays:
Seems yours is a 12V relay with a single pole rated at 16A at 250VAC. The key issue is finding a relay with the same pin spacing and ratings, regardless of make.
The pins seem to be a bit different in the catalog, but I suspect the welder people simply cut off the NO legs, and just used the closure legs. Also, seems they bent the legs a bit to fit the board, so you could do the same with a similar relay as long as you get the contacts correctly aligned.
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