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Help: School Project

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Hey guys. I'm currently starting a school project which will do the following but have a few things I need to sort out, and I hope you are the one's who can help :D .

It will be a device that will dispense an insulin pen when a button is pressed. When the button is pressed the next time, a different pen will be given. Then the next time pen 1 will come back. This is because diabetics generally take a range of insulin and this machine will ensure the correct one is taken blah blah.

A simple diagram is here:

The problems I have are:

1. What kind of mechanism could be used to make the drawer type things slide/fall down.

2. What kind of circuit could alternate between the two drawers (plz dont just post alternating or something stupid like that)


BTW I have a knowledge of electronics from studying it at GCSE so can understand some terms etc. however less familiar ones may need to be explained in details.

Thanks again,
Not open for further replies.

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