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help! RS232 and serin signal corrupted

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i am using VB to send data such as $#23#89#89 to PIC through rs232. unfortunately sometime my signal is corrupted.... is there any solution to solve this problem?


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What results are you getting.....? What side is the corrupt data showing and how can you tell that?

How are you connections....????

We need more info... same baud rate? Voltage level shifter? , 8N1? PIC Code?



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Here are some notes from the PIC16F87X datasheet to be aware of:

If bit OERR is set, transfers from the RSR register to the RCREG register are inhibited, so it is essential to clear error bit OERR if it is set.
Overrun error bit (OERR bit) has to be cleared in software. This is done by resetting the receive logic (CREN is cleared and then set).
If your receiver stops receiving data, you should check bit OERR in the RSR register if the receiver has been overrun and clear the error by resetting the CREN bit and re-enabling it after purging the FIFO.
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