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Help recongize TI battery management IC please

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Hi I have this battery pack, 20x1,2v NiMH cells. I have replaced the original 1300mAh cells with new 1600 mAh cells, now the charger doesn't start charging anymore and signal an error.
2 guesses:
1) the IC had some data in volatile memory which was lost when I disconnected the cells
2) the IC regognizes the different electrical characteristics of the new cells as too different from what it expects and interpret it as cells failure
I need to understand what this IC is and how it works in order to attempt a fix, I've searched for days for "25 BRPI" "25 8RPI" "25BRP1" and all possible interpretations on Texas Instruments website and all internet but no joy.
Can someone help? Thanks! zoom1.jpg View attachment 105298
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The only possible answer I could find was this:


according to the end of the datasheet (page 39), the ADS1015IDGSR variant in a VSSOP package (which I think is what that looks like?) says that the package is marked "BRPI."

It seems to be some kind of ADC with an internal reference, which could be used in reading the cell voltages? It also has a programmable comparator, which may be the part with volatile memory?


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Hi thanks for the reply, it's a good hint, I see this IC has a i2c interface as well. There is a termistor as well in the pcb so maybe that data is also converted and sent to the charger. It makes sense as TI doesn't seem to make battery management IC for more than 16 cells in series.
from the datasheet:
• PortableInstrumentation
• BatteryVoltage and CurrentMonitoring
• Temperature Measurement Systems
So it can well be it!
not sure I will ever be able to reprogram anything inside it anyway....:(
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Arduino and use the I2C interface?
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