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HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello to all, im paul juz want to have some help out there in making a 5 by 7 Serial LED Matrix Display with the use of Shift Registers as the transmitter...manual operation of 5 by 7 instead of using microprocessors...i hope someone out there can give a suggestions of what would make up my transmitter(the one that inputs to the display).really need help out there...if u have something to say or what just mail me [email protected] i really need help....thank u.... :lol:


stick shift on transmission??????? shift reverser as transporter??? marijauna as medicinal???


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If I understood correct


You have built a matrix with shift registers. You have not mentioned the column and rows details. I prefer column cathode, driven by 74HC595 boosted through ULN2803 and Rows driven by P-Channel MOSFETS. So if you have the matrix ready. You need two things :

A serial / shiftout to load the column LEDs and a ROW scanner. For me microcontroller is the answer. (I only know and work with PIC).

A second option is to have your parallel port drive it.

Search for LED dot matrix display on this forum you will quite a lot of reference and suggestions.

Best of Luck



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