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Help! Nvidia Shield Portable powers on, screen stays black

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Hi folks,

I posted a few weeks ago about an Nvidia Shield Portable micro USB charging port problem:


But you can ignore that thread. Basically, I tried to repair a USB port issue myself doing a first-time solder job, but I was unsuccessful in this endeavor. I damaged the motherboard during the desolder process with a butane soldering iron torch, burning it. Oh well, I figure--it was good practice, won't make the same mistake again, etc.

Because the motherboard was damaged, I thought as a plan B that if I found a replacement working mobo on eBay, I could swap it out with mine that had the bad USB port. I bought an eBay auction for said replacement Nvidia Shield Portable that had some unspecified issues (admittedly, it was a bit of a gamble, but I thought a new mobo would do the trick, and this device has been out of production now since 2014).

The replacement Nvidia Shield Portable unit powers on and the power button stays lit green, but the screen doesn't come on. The screen stays pitch black/blank, like it's not getting any power.

I opened up the unit and physically checked the ribbon cable going from the screen to the motherboard for any loosening, but it looked fine. I detached and reattached ALL cables and leads going to the motherboard, suspecting something was loose. Then I put it back together and still had the same issue.

After physically checking the cable connections with no luck, I thought maybe it was a bad screen or a bad ribbon connector itself. I swapped my old Shield's LCD screen (which is in good working order) onto the replacement unit's housing / new guts. And I still have the same issue: power comes on and stays on, but the screen stays black.

Are there any other problems that might cause the black LCD screen? Is the mobo itself bad? I would really appreciate any troubleshooting help. :) Here are two pictures:


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