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Help needed for rtos programming in PIC16f877a

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I am trying to program PIC16f877a for rtos application. I am using MBLAB IDE 8.10 version and Hi tech PICClite compiler.

I dont know how to program or build an RTOS project please do some body help me .

Tell me how to o about this.


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PIC MPLAB IDE supports CMX Tiny+ RTOS how to use it.
That is a propriety product; it is probably VERY expensive, and I doubt you are going to find much help with that here. You should check out this page:
CMX Systems, Inc

3V0 had a tutorial on a task switching routine or RTOS of some type (IIRC) but his site is not working now...

There are loads of open source / free systems out there, and I don't think you have tried google, have you?
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