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Help needed anyone, how not to have fire

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I need help anyone.. Sorry if this is a silly question

I need to figure this stuff out..

.... If I use this:


to run 3 of these:


Will Each one receive less power... or Adapter Burn out?

I was hoping I could (please remember I know nothing about this) run them in sequence and they would just receive less power each; rather than draw too much power from/ over power the power supply..

If the latter will happen Is there possibly a simple cheap circuit that would solve my problem, equally and properly distribute the power to each one, so that would not draw too much power but distribute the max available (also I have a few lover power devices to power too on the same circuit)

Thank you for any help you give me/ for reading this...


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Adapter will burn out if peltiers connected in parallel. If connected in series they won't but you will get much less output from the peltiers.

You would get colder temperatures by just using one at full power than 3 at 1/3 power because of the way peltiers work. Using 3 at 1/3 power would let you remove heat faster but not let you get as cold (if that makes sense).
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Hi dknguyen I need to experiment, they need to go in different places but I think (depending on how cool they get) series may work
thx for the advice (I will double check somewhere else just in case you are mad :)


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The same supplier of the power supply has a 12V 20A supply that would power all three in parallel. You do realize that you will need substantial heatsinks and fans on the hot side to get any kind of cooling. Here is an example of the kind of cooling needed.

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