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help me with my project

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i have to do some projects for my diploma.
but now i can't find suitable projects for me.
pls show me some sample projects.
i am really thankful to u all.

Sherif Welsen

New Member
You may work using microcontrollers, PIC or 8051.
You can make a line follower robot. Digital thermometer using sensor and LCD.
You can also work with parallel port.

Tell us what is your experience?


New Member
to tell the truth,
i am more interested in interfacing the exteral circuit with com.
if i can get the full details of the circuit design, i would like to try it.
in truth, i have no experience with implementing the real circuit.
i've just learned the theories and the parts and some popular circuit designs.
pls help me

panic mode

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Use PIC or whatever controller you choose to collect data or to control outputs using RS232 port of your PC. There are relatively simple projects to interface to LCD display. Just an idea...
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