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help me about AVR training?

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I am looking for some training in micro controllers; I would like to know few things as follows:
1. Without any previous knowledge in controllers (I did used 8085 in my college), can i directly jump for AVR training? As I know C?
2. If I got trained in AVR32 will it be possible me to program AVR8, AVR16...?
3. Do Atmel having any training centers in India? Or do they support any other training center in India?
4. Where can I buy development board for AVR32? Do we need separate development boards for AVR8 & AVR16?

Thank you!



Ive bookmarked the above to study later Thanks

I have a little experience in 8080 asm and with the AVR and I bought an Arduino board with a ATMega 328 on it for $25 and the program IDE in C is free.
Start at "arduino.cc" and go from there Lots of fun and I havn't got to asm yet.
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