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Help making game timer

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Silly Willy

New Member
Hi guys this is my first post. I am a newbie looking for some help.

I am trying to make a board game timer that works like this:

A momentary button is pressed and starts a 30 second countdown. At the end of the countdown a buzzer or beeper sounds for 1 second and then stops and resets. The timer needs to restart the count down every time the momentary button is pressed and sit idle after the buzzer sounds untill the button is pressed again.

I wonder if this circuit will work and if so what kind of buzzer I need.

Thanks guys


The output of that circuit is a relay, so pretty much any 'buzzer' you can find will work with it. Note I say buzzer, as it has to have an oscilator built in, then you just use the relay in series and when the timer circuit goes off so does the buzzer. This would likley need to be reset by hand though. You could trigger a 555 as a one shot timer so the buzzer only went on for 1 second, and use a DC buzzer compatable with the 555 timer.
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