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help lrl pcb

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hi all friends

I like electronics but I'm bad

I need your help

i have a schema for a longrange locators and i like need pcb

I do not know if the diagram is correct

I ask you with great politeness to help me and make me this pcb

thank you for all



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You need decoupling caps for all your ICs. Mainly your MCU and op-amps. I also see no power connections on your MCU.


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Your .zip file is a bunch of Proteus-generated files to manufacture a PCB. If you "save as" or "print as" as .pdf and post the .pdf, more of use will be able to view it. I am not able to open .rar files and about 2 weeks ago spent a lovely evening getting rid of WINRar. Again, please post .pdf or .zip for maximum audience.

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