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help lrl pcb

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hi all friends

I like electronics but I'm bad

I need your help

i have a schema for a longrange locators and i like need pcb

I do not know if the diagram is correct

I ask you with great politeness to help me and make me this pcb

thank you for all



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You need decoupling caps for all your ICs. Mainly your MCU and op-amps. I also see no power connections on your MCU.


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Your .zip file is a bunch of Proteus-generated files to manufacture a PCB. If you "save as" or "print as" as .pdf and post the .pdf, more of use will be able to view it. I am not able to open .rar files and about 2 weeks ago spent a lovely evening getting rid of WINRar. Again, please post .pdf or .zip for maximum audience.


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Where is the hex file ?
Thank you very much for project King LRL V4.1!
Where is the hex file for King v.4.1?
Please reply me on my E-mail address:

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Thank you in advance for your answer!
hi dear friend

thank you very much for your answer and your help

I found this on the website longrangelocators

some people who have done project say it is incorrect and incomplete

please friend help i swear i'm beginner in electronics
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I will recommend some pcb roting tips:

1. Distribute the components on the PCB.
2. Do a good routing planning
3. Check the tracks fit in the defined space
4. Separate the analog part of the digital part.
5. Route the tracks to 45 degrees.
6. Do "sneaking" to the traces
7. Define good retung path.
8.Put copper zones or ground planes to improve the performance of GND and PCB itself
9. Define a track width according to current and space according to voltage
10. Use Routing strategies (minimize usea of vias)
11. Using an adequate routing topology (star or flow)
12.Route the decoupling network optimal

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