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Help identifying voltage on an MPP capacitor from a samsung tv


New Member
Hey everyone!

A capacitor in the family samsung plasma tv blew out last night (turned on for the first time in a long while) and I'm having trouble deciphering the code on the failed capacitor. Here's what I have so far:

Printed on the Capacitor: MPP225K 2N C1118339.F

MPP: Metallized Polypropylene Capacitor
225: 22*10^5pF = 2.2uF
K: +/- 10% Tolerance
2N: related to voltage? The "N" doesn't seem to match any charts that I've been able to find.

Beyond that, I'm completely lost. The tv model is PN51F5300AFXZA. All I need is the voltage and then I can order a similar replacement, if not the exact piece. Any help would be much appreciated!

I've attached pictures of the capacitor failure as well as the labeling on the side:


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