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hello all

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Hello all, my names Dave (for the less observant amongst you :))

Im 25 living in St Helens near Liverpool, but from Briton and grew up in Preston so a bit of a hybrid accent going. im a computer games designer (the art side, not programming) by trade and am currently working as an IT teacher.

Iv wanted to build a functioning robot since i got my first Optimus Prime and now that im old enough to semi-understand (and just immature enough to get away with it) iv decided to give it a proper shot.

My final objective is to build a hexapod, but im working my way towards it as im starting with little too no knowledge at all.

My plan is to start by learning some modicum of electronics. how to design a PCB etc, iv already invested in a copy of crocodile tech and have started playing (i made a blinking LED!!!)

Anyway i stumbled across this site while looking at the "learn electronics" site (which is amazing btw)

I hope your Okay with answering a few questions on here and, of course, if you have any questions i can answer, fire away.

hope to chat to you all soon.
Not open for further replies.

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