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Hello all, I never introduced myself properly...

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My name is Andrew Ayers, and I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

My website is phoenixgarage.org || crazy ideas, irrational projects

I found electro-tech via google; mainly when trying to find answers to other problems. I'm a member of the Arduino forums, and thought I could maybe help others on non-Arduino tasks as well. In my past dealings with this forum, it seemed like a great resource and I wanted to contribute.

I am a software developer by profession; too many languages and tools to list here, but right now I am employed developing LAMP-based applications (the applications are all browser-based, but not all of them are on the web).

My other interests span a gamut of things, but most are focused on computers and electronics (big surprise); the main ones being robotics, virtual/augmented reality, artificial intelligence, singularity/futurism, computer history, etc.


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HI everybody

How are you? I am here in this board newbie. this is very nice board and having informative information. I hope that I will be getting more information from this board. I hope that everybody share with me and give me more informative opinion. I come from BD.


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I've never been on this particular forum before tonight. And I just want to say to cr0sh that I'm glad he has joined us.
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